1968 Deer Lodge prison escape

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1968 Deer Lodge prison escape Empty 1968 Deer Lodge prison escape

Post by ophion1031 on July 13th 2015, 12:09 am

Bryan Hartnell stated that Zodiac claimed to have killed a guard during an escaped from a Montana prison, very possibly Deer Lodge prison. I personally don't buy the attacker giving the name of the prison, assuming he was telling the truth about escaping from a prison. But maybe he did so because he was familiar with a prison escape so he was purposely giving false information.

There was a prison break in July 1968 at Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. 12-14 men escaped from the prison, but I don't believe any guards were killed during the escape. Newspapers reported that all of the escapees were captured, the last was in Sept. 1968.

1968 Deer Lodge prison escape Deerlodge1_zpsqomownpt

1968 Deer Lodge prison escape Deerlodge2_zpsgtyquedj

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