Putting words in the witnesses mouths?

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Putting words in the witnesses mouths? Empty Putting words in the witnesses mouths?

Post by JohnFester on March 29th 2016, 1:42 am

I just thought it odd and wanted to point out that there are least two instances of this happening. The first was the Lake Herman attack when a sheriff put words into the mouth of potential witness William Crow.

"I never told the sheriff who interviewed me that the car I encountered was a Valiant. As I recall, as I was attempting to describe the car, the sheriff came up with a “Valiant”. In the years that have passed, when I have shared the events of that night, I have described the car as a four-door light-colored Chevy".

The other was an officer who did the same to Bryan Hartnell when Bryan said he tought the attacker mentioned escaping prison from Colorado and the officer said Montana. This is important because we don't know exactly what the attacker said. You can argue over this all day long or you could say that the killer probably wouldn't have really given true information about escaping from a prison but remember, he was not intending on leaving Hartnell alive. So he could have been telling the truth but now we don't know if he said Colorado or Montana.

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