Parody of Empire, State of Mind: NEWPORT!

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Parody of Empire, State of Mind: NEWPORT!

Post by WelshChappie on October 15th 2016, 2:06 pm

Alicia Keys ft Jay Z collaborated to bring us the Classic Empire: State of Mind (New York, New York)

 Well My own City saw this and decided to come up with a parody of the classic with Empire Stare of Mind (NEWPORT, NEWPORT) all about life in Newport, S.Wales. We Port Residents are proud of this comical version:

 So, this here is the tune that, when released, was an International Sensation! And By International, I do obviously mean, in Wales. Ha. . .


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Re: Parody of Empire, State of Mind: NEWPORT!

Post by ophion1031 on October 15th 2016, 8:00 pm

Parodies are always fun!

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