*Waves to everyone* Thank you for having me.

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*Waves to everyone* Thank you for having me.

Post by Azanath on September 29th 2018, 5:48 am

Greetings, everyone.

Thanks for having me aboard. Very Happy
I never quite know what to say, when introducing myself on a forum. I'm sure, that most people would find me...boring.
Thankfully, I decided to read someone else's introduction, first and one of the replies to them said, "Welcome to the madhouse."
That's the most awesome reply, to an introduction, I've ever seen! cheers I should fit right in!

I'm 47-years-old, originally from Iowa. Have lived in Southern California since December, 2011.
I have many, interests. Computers, gaming - one can never have too many video games! Love, books. I will read anything I can get my hands on.
I've been a puzzle addict, since I was a small child. Jig-saw, anagrams, cryptograms, logic problems, the more unusual forms of word-searches,
anything cipher related. For whatever reason, I'm not fond of crossword puzzles.

As quirky as it sounds, ( I am a bit quirky and "socially awkward." ) I apologize in advance for that.
Several, within the medical profession, have suggested to me that I probably have Asperger's, although I've never been officially, diagnosed.
I don't doubt that, at all. I have always been able to see patterns in everything around me. I don't have to look for them, they just...speak to me.
That's what started the whole, puzzle addiction and seeing how things connect to each other.

With that being said, I do have a whole lot to say about the Zodiac case.

Again, thank you for having me aboard.


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