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Basic case information

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Basic case information Empty Basic case information

Post by ophion1031 July 13th 2015, 12:53 am

The Paul Stine murder was to become the fifth and final confirmed murder by the Zodiac killer, although this is believed by many to be a highly unlikely supposition based upon future unsolved crimes bearing hallmarks of the killer and his claim in the Exorcist Letter on January 29th, 1974 to have killed in excess of 37 people.

Paul Stine (29) resided at 1842 Fell Street in San Francisco at the time of his murder. On October 11, 1969, a man requisitioned a cab at the corner of Mason and Geary Street in the theater district of San Francisco at approximately 9:45 pm, but unfortunately for Paul Stine, this passenger had murder on his mind. Paul Stine had arrived for work at the Yellow Cab Company at 8:45 pm, taking a fare from Pier 64 to the San Francisco Air Terminal. His most likely route thereafter was US Route 101 taking him back to the busy theater intersection of Mason and Geary, where he probably felt he was likely to pick up an unscheduled fare. At this point, the assistant traffic manager of the Yellow Cab Co, Leroy Sweet, instructed Paul Stine of a regular pick-up at 500 9th Avenue. This was the last contact with Paul Stine. Twelve to thirteen minutes later he was to be killed. Responding officers would later notice the taxicab meter read $6.25 at 10:46 pm, allowing them to calculate and backtrack that Paul Stine had most likely picked up his second fare somewhere in the vicinity of the Mason and Geary intersection, corroborating where Leroy Sweet sent the last radio dispatch to Paul Stine.

The taxi driver had logged in Washington and Maple for the destination, but had pulled up at Washington and Cherry Street, in the wealthy district of Presidio Heights, where his passenger drew a gun and shot Paul Stine to the right side of his head, killing him instantly. Nearby, three teenage eyewitnesses saw the unfolding events of that night as the killer removed a rear section of the victims shirt as well as wiping down various parts of the taxi cab, including the driver side compartment. Upon leaving the vehicle, the external driver side door was wiped down. Soon after, the witnesses rang the police, recorded at 9:58 pm, but crucially the radio operator had unfortunately informed patrolmen to look out for a black male.

So when police scouring the area observed a heavyset white male, approximately 5'10'' in height, 35-45 years and 180 to 200 lbs, passing the intersection of Jackson and Maple Street, no alarm bells rang, and in hindsight possibly the best chance to apprehend the elusive killer had been lost forever.

According to eyewitnesses, the Zodiac, after exiting the cab, walked to Cherry Street, headed North to Jackson Street and then turned right and headed East towards the Jackson and Maple Street intersection.

Two patrolmen on duty that night were Donald Fouke and Eric Zelms. They had been covering the Eastern Richmond district, passing by Washington Street when they received a broadcast of the shooting on Washington and Cherry. The two officers had just passed the intersection of Jackson and Maple when Donald Fouke noticed a white male sporting a crew cut, wearing a three quarter length jacket with an elastic waist, rusk colored pleated trousers and tan engineering style footwear. But his suspicions were not aroused as the radio operator had issued the misleading description, so he continued along Jackson Street to Cherry Street and headed south to the scene of the crime. It was at this point that Donald Fouke and Eric Zelms would have met Armond Pelissetti, another patrolman, who was first respondent on the scene.
The police traded information, and with Donald Fouke now realizing the suspect was not a black male, proceeded back, accompanied by other patrolmen, from whence he came, surmising the killer may have taken refuge in the wooded area of the Julius Kahn Playground. Despite an extensive search of the locale, nothing came to light, despite the killer bragging in a later communication that he was indeed hiding in the park.

Armond Pelissetti, himself, was close by when the radio call came and it was only upon arriving at the murder scene that he retook the suspects description, now corrected, to be a white male. He proceeded up Cherry Street and east into Jackson, spotting a man walking a dog (The man was Kjell Qvale). This person however did not fit the description of the suspect, along with the fact Armond Pelissetti also noticed the evident absence of any blood spatter on the mans attire. Pelisetti questioned the man on whether he had noticed anyone on his travels or seen any suspicious activity, but the dog walker was unable to provide any assistance and the trail went cold. It is then a short time later he met up with Donald Fouke and Eric Zelms.

***As a footnote, it was also believed that the killer of Paul Stine was not usual of most passengers who traveled in Stine's cab, as it was theorized the murderer may have occupied the front seat of the taxi cab, a situation Stine never allowed, unless, as speculated, he knew his attacker. But this theory is unconfirmed.***

After the murder, the killer removed a swatch of Paul Stine's shirt, which was then mailed, along with a letter, to the San Francisco Chronicle two days later. The Zodiac also took the taxicab keys, along with Paul Stine's wallet. They have never been recovered.

The three witnesses helped a police sketch artist come up with a composite picture of the man they witnessed that night. Later, for reasons unsubstantiated, a second amended composite was released to the public, marginally older in appearance and placed alongside the original

Bill Armstrong and Dave Toschi were assigned to the case, one which undeniably left its mark on many officers who tried and ultimately failed to bring a resolution to the Zodiac enigma.

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Post by Don Pseuym October 27th 2015, 2:27 pm

I read that it was getting very foggy that might but had not reached that area yet

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