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FBI files on Zodiac case

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FBI files on Zodiac case Empty FBI files on Zodiac case

Post by tripleJ September 13th 2015, 10:42 pm

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FBI files on Zodiac case Empty Re: FBI files on Zodiac case

Post by The Virus May 30th 2016, 8:49 pm

I know several folks have went through these files extensively so nothing is missed but what about the ones with the names blocked out? any way to get those files where the names are not blocked?
The Virus
The Virus

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FBI files on Zodiac case Empty Re: FBI files on Zodiac case

Post by Eldorado February 9th 2020, 2:58 pm

So get this.

Last year I got Bumper Locked by the FBI who followed me home, and pulled into my driveway right behind me.

I was fortunate enough to be the victim of a harassment and questioning affair tied to my reports to Princeton University officials and groups, about the ties to Mr. Z in the Amerithrax Letters stuff I exposed.

They questioned me about it and when I referenced my work in the Zodiac Ciphers with a link to my page,, they were openly telling me that they "heard all about it in the office".

So this is now a BIG THING in Vermont. But nobody is talking about it...even through the hundreds of tweets and emails that I sent out to media and other reps in the entertainment industry. Did you notice the "Master Codebreaker" part was added to The Last Jedi.

I also was just given a phonecall from Kenilworth Police Department Detective in the case investigating the murder of Valerie Percy. They were called by the Court's Clerk Office of the Judge who is presiding over a case where a man is suing to have the Percy Case info released, but was denied.  She is doing it out of respect for the family and is probably doing it to keep the media from turning it into another saga.  Well I sent a letter to that Judge specifically and asked her to review the photographs of that killer against the photos of the Zodiac, the Santa Barbara Killer named "Sandy", Barefoot Intruder, and Sharon Bubes Composite Sketches, and told to contact me to gather more information about the photos in question in my reports matching one suspect in all of them. I also sent them the info behind the breaks in the ciphers showing them the motives and people behind the operations.

The info from the poem on the desk of the Riverside Library where the details of a bloody murder was written in two sections really interested them the most, as the desk poem was mostly a story about a killing that happened in the past, and that the killer was brooding up another killing by writing his memories of that event onto the poem.  I have made mention of this specifically in my report so that the subsequent timeline of school girl and college aged women and couples who were attacked in the same fashion is examined here along side the comparisons of the suspects' police composites, and are made to be relevant to the investigations as both a forensic cryptographic examination would be made along side a timeline of his whereabouts during a time when the suspect was in these locations and was also able to show he was traveling constantly to events in his protest groups, and had the will and the motives from being "outclassed" by the people he targeted.  He also showed that through all of these killings he was moving to become a politician himself, retreating to Vermont as the killings halted, but the letters without them increased. Showing the man was hiding out somewhere and baiting the police along with clues slowly to delay them while he bedded down in the Green Mountain State.

FBI files on Zodiac case Percy_10

The officer was called by that judge to form an inquiry about the info I had discovered.  They are now taking consideration of that info in their investigation into the death of Valerie Percy, and are fairly much convinced enough at a judicial level to take notice of it's importance in the case.  The detective had to track down my info to make contact with me but he did so to merely gain more insight, and was amazed that so many high level events were encoded into these plans. He was able to make reference to almost everything I was speaking about so it was a fluid conversation and it seemed hopeful as he was seemingly motivated in an official capacity.

I bet this is going to break hard.  I bet they are just waiting for all the info to be found building a case.  The other part is that they can reference my reports to the FBI and to the American Cryptogram Association's Annual Convention that I hosted in 2017 for more professional references.  I also am involved in active investigations with their offices in Seattle, so they also have that agent's name to verify my work is sound, and based on basic observations and the recognition of steganographic patters with cryptic encoding.  They have taken steps to contact me in every level of the Govt.

Things are moving forwards and this post deserves attention as their is something moving internally that needs to be addressed.

Thanks for being open to my work in the beginning, and I thought that I should return the favors and let you host my research outside of FB pages that I made.

Here are the others like the breaks in KRYPTOS at Langley that speak of the movement from the Zodiac Era Ciphers into the use of the second phase of their coded cipher series with the Scorpion Ciphers.  This leads to the attacks of 9/11 and the Amerithrax Letters.

Just look at how the quadrants are used in Kryptos like they are in the Z340

FBI files on Zodiac case Wtc_en10

FBI files on Zodiac case Zodiac10

As you can see that the Agency began the operation under the direction of GH Bush and Sidney Gottlieb, who directed Lt. Col. Michael Aquino to do work for them in dealing drugs through the entertainment industry he was working to create like a cult, as a front for the corruption of the masses. The later use of these ciphers was reflected on using KRYPTOS, and the perfections of different templates was then advertised to the masses as a "mystery" that the CIA was built on.  They described being in some form of an IQ puzzle, then the talk of entering a tomb, then onto the talk of their being something buried under the puzzle at Langley, with interviews from the Artist stating that he had "done something" there at that location, when consecrating the puzzle.

When the puzzle was decoded it pointed to two agents that were tied to the Z Operations.  This being Aquino and Sanders, one being in New Mexico, and the other in Burlington, VT.  Aquino fled to Santa Fe, taking on a name of a deceased Art Collector and Photographer named Forrest Fenn.....they are one in the same and they both have been on TV...once with Aquino and the Oprah and Geraldo shows, with the Church of Satan and Temple of Set outfits on, and the other time offering people a chance to go on a "Treasure Hunt" using a poem he wrote. There are 6 dead in this hunt so far, and there is no end as the police have even asked him to stop it all.  This shows how much control he has with the info he holds.

When in San Fran he was ringleading the cult known as the 4Pi Cult that was made up of the Temple of Set, Church of Satan, and the Manson 1 and Manson 2 Families of entertainers and musicians. These people were literally funded by the DoD.  They conducted all kinds of experiments as Aquino was the director of the Psychological Warfare Dept of the US Military, and developed numerous operations on his own as the director of this branch of it's agenda.  This was a pivotal point as Aquino not only helped to craft the ciphers, but he and his apprentice Sanders (or Sandy), were out driving around doing the killings. Sanders came from a "Kibbutz" in '63 to California on a road trip during college vacation. Then he was back to college when he graduated in 64' lingering around in protest groups there up until just after the killings of Percy and Bubes.  Many thought that it was politically motivated. Then he fled to Riverside, CA and killed Cheri Jo Bates leaving the scene of one crime, and moving onto another.

He then left the Confession and Bates Letters with the press, police, and the family. What a heartless POS. In the letters he signaled to a group called the "4Pi" Cult.....formed by Aquino in San Fran.  

FBI files on Zodiac case Bates_10

That is when the ciphers became more complex, and they took on the look of a dressed hollywood fantasy roleplaying get up.  Film Ready if you will.  Aquino and Sanders were teamed up then for a string of killings, until the Church Hearings were formed investigating the CIAs involvement in domestic affairs.  This fingered Gottlieb, who's number one agent Aquino, was busy hiding out in New Mexico, as "The Zode", Sanders was then hidden back in Vermont, leaving behind a series of ciphers related to their sick affairs that seemed to end around the time of the investigations, and popped back up throughout the years afterwards.  Each of the ciphers filled a dual function.

They scared the shit out of residents, and at the same time they were speaking to one another, each time planning out more operations  that were seen in the text that was derived from them.

The BAT ECHAD in the Bates Letters showed he was clearly Israeli.  Then later in the plans of the Z340 was the key phrase WE DONT FORGIVE WE DONT FORGET Z and HER CLUE WRATH OF GOD....which we later see both being used in Palestine, in the Operation Wrath of God, with the phrase being signed at the bottom of a letter to families of victims of Mossad Assassination Teams. This was started in the US and carried into Palestine in a wide range of attacks there and throughout Europe.  These operations continued to plan the first Suicide Bombers in Palestine with the Bus Bomb Letters and the Fairfield Letter called the Dear Channel 9 Letters.

The info from that one used the typographs added to a 9 letter grid to spell out

These breaks are all shown throughout to hold covert operations in them, and the Agency helped to plot this whole affair out, with their being a form of threat added that they were serious, as they would kill to prove it. Just to try to silence officials.

Now they are wondering how many are tied to this there were two others that were tied to their killing teams and they were all spread to the 4 corners.  Rafael Bienvenidos Cruz y Diaz was sent to the NW and Canada, and Aquino to the California and SW states, with Chauncey Holt sent down to the regions in the Southeast, and east coast. Sanders sent to manage their NE Corridor as overseer of their operations there.  That was their intention. To set up their networking for distribution, while threatening the locals and law enforcement agencies, to conduct cult killings and abductions.  As the Law Enforcement was threatened they moved their shipments in under the distractions.

Now that their entire domestic affair is in the open, the rest of their network can be revealed with the expose of the 9/11 Contact List, and the Amerithrax Letters.  The Contact List was found on the "Dancing Israeli's" and detailed the plans for a long term series of killings and movements into the tech takeover.  These were steps that they were making to control industries and threaten numerous DOJ officials.

They later concocted their own ciphers through the 2000's in the case of the killings of dozens of people including the cases tied to the SIKIKEY Letter and GIDGET Letter, which is in the hands of investigators now in Seattle. This is a long line of criminal affairs and business plots that are being unraveled from their discovery.

These are some of the more recent codebreaks in their affairs....they have been secretly putting their feelers out corralling cryptographers into some online role playing game, that has a real world event tied to it.


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FBI files on Zodiac case Empty Re: FBI files on Zodiac case

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