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George Saxberg

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George Saxberg Empty George Saxberg

Post by ophion1031 February 14th 2016, 11:43 pm

George Robert Saxberg Jr.
DOB: Jan. 15, 1940 Oak Creek, CO
DOD: Aug. 4, 2008 Clarkston, WA
Parents: George R. Saxberg Sr. (born March 6, 1916 in Butte, MT. Died Aug. 11, 2008 in Lewiston, ID.) and Ellen Lahti  (born Oct. 30, 1914 in Minnesota. Died 1971 in Montana)
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse(s): Janet Roy (married March 4, 1963 in Lewiston, ID. Divorced Oct. 27, 1964. Janet was granted divorce on grounds of extreme cruelty according to George's daughter, Toni), Sandra Kay Dodson (married Feb. 6, 1965 in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Divorced Aug. 8, 1967 although they were together off and on until her death in 1970, also according to Toni), Esther E. Johnson (married May 24, 1971 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Divorce date unknown), Dorothy V. Vance (married March 24, 1979 in Nevada. Divorced Oct. 7, 1983) and Rosalie Scott Hurley (married May 19, 1989 in Nevada. Divorced in 2006)
Children: Unknown
Known addresses:
Clarkston, WA.
20 Roberts Ave., San Rafael, CA (1964)
23000 Arnold Rd., Sonoma, CA (1969)
Virginia (1971)
Hawaii (?)
Lewiston, ID.
Clarkston, WA.
***Still working on full addresses and dates of residence. There are a lot, but this is what I have found so far***

-Was in the Navy
-After his parents divorced, his mother moved to Deer Lodge, MT
-Ruled out as a Z suspect due to handwriting

From the police report:
While in jail on a drunk charge in November, 1969, he bragged to a prisoner he was Zodiac. This was brought to the attention of the Guards, who contacted police. On 11/7/69, police questioned Saxberg about his statements, and he said it was a drunken lie. They noted in the report that he bore a strong resemblance to the sketch of Zodiac. His writing was sent to be checked against Zodiac, and he was dismissed based on writing.

Arrest Record:
-Nov. 7, 1969 Public Intoxication (?) in Sonoma, CA.

Photo from the late 50's courtesy of Morf from
George Saxberg File

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