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Ann Bernice Duncan

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Ann Bernice Duncan Empty Ann Bernice Duncan

Post by ophion1031 March 6th 2016, 2:23 am

Last seen alive: October 03, 1969

Circumstances: From what can be traced back, Ann was last seen or heard from on Oct 3, 1969 for an appointment with Social Services in San Francisco, regarding placement of her then 6 week old infant son in foster care. She never showed up for her next appointment. The courts later declared the baby was abandoned by all parents, and deemed available for adoption. Routine weekly visits to her other children in foster care abruptly stopped in this same approximate time frame. Family feels she would not have abandoned her children whom she dearly loved, and although was not able at the time to care for them herself, visited weekly without fail while all were in foster care. Occasional phone calls routinely made to her mother also stopped in this time frame. From 3 different statements Ann made to 3 different people, family feels she was fearful of her well being and suspect she may have been murdered.
First Name: Ann Bernice
Middle Name: Bernice
Last Name: Duncan

Age When Last Known Alive: 31
Race: White
Sex: Female
Height: 62.0
Weight: 105.0 to
City: San Francisco
State: California
Zip: 94114/94115
County: San Francisco
Hair: Brown
Head Hair: Marilyn Monroe style and length. Medium long with styled curl. Hair was fine in texture. Sometimes colored it blonde. One time had a red wig, so it could have been in the reddish tones too.
Eye: Hazel
Other Distinctive: Is double jointed.... Can place the back of her hands on her hips, fingers pointing backwards, and bring her elbows together in front of her.
Clothing and Accessories
Clothing: Would dress casually but fashionably stylish. Often wore a scarf because of the wind.
Eyewear: No prescription glasses we're aware of.


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