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Marcella Woolsey

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Marcella Woolsey Empty Marcella Woolsey

Post by ophion1031 March 4th 2017, 11:39 pm

June 10, 1981

Marcella Woolsey, age 40, was the manager of the J. Herbert Hall Jewelers store in the Solano Mall and lived alone in the residence at Cedarbrook Drive. On June 10, 1981, Ms. Woolsey returned home at 10:00 PM after a dinner with a female companion. An assailant shot at Ms. Woolsey through a kitchen window. Ms. Woolsey was shot in the head while standing in her kitchen. An unknown male called a telephone operator and said that a woman had been shot in a residence at Cedarbrook Drive. Responding officers found Ms. Woolsey on the kitchen floor and summoned medical assistance. Her wounds were fatal; she died without regaining consciousness. Her jewelry was missing from the residence. However, a partial recovery of the Ms. Woolsey's jewelry was made in August 1981 and individuals were questioned as to where and how they came into possession of the jewelry, but no arrests were made.
UPDATE: Suspect in this case and has been identified has been deceased since 1996.

Doesn't sound like a Zodiac murder, but "An unknown male called a telephone operator....." sounds a little familiar. Suspect has been deceased since 1996. Too bad they didn't give his name.

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