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Norma, Thomas & Richard Houghland

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Norma, Thomas & Richard Houghland Empty Norma, Thomas & Richard Houghland

Post by ophion1031 November 30th 2017, 2:18 am

SACRAMENTO, CA - She was a pretty young mom who because she didn't have air conditioning, would take her sons on drives in their car to cool off during Sacramento's hot summers, say police.

But presumably after one such drive, Norma Houghland and sons Tommy, 6, and Ricky, 9, were not seen again - ever. That was 35 years ago, on July 15, 1978.

"It's a mystery to all of us," said Norma's sister Karen Molina.

Sacramento police Officer Michele Gigante said it wasn't until a week later that Houghland's family, after not hearing from her or her boys, went to check on them. Relatives found the family's Sutterville Road area apartment untouched, with the Houghlands' belongings, clothes and other personal items all there. Relatives said they didn't know where Norma could have gone. She drove a gold-colored Pontiac LeMans, which has never been found. Her former husband, who lived in Washington, has since died. And with no new information about the disappearance of Houghland and her boys, that is where the case has stood since 1978.

Molina said the family put a missing ad in The Sacramento Bee. She said years passed, and her parents died, leaving behind an album of pictures and notes on Norma.

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