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DB Cooper and Zodiac the same guy?

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DB Cooper and Zodiac the same guy? Empty DB Cooper and Zodiac the same guy?

Post by ophion1031 January 1st 2018, 8:48 pm

The following video is kinda interesting. Kinda. I don't think Ken Christiansen really makes for a good Z suspect, but he is definitely a good DB Cooper suspect.


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DB Cooper and Zodiac the same guy? Empty Re: DB Cooper and Zodiac the same guy?

Post by WelshChappie January 20th 2018, 5:09 pm

D.B Cooper, like it appears all unsolved cases have been at some point by someone, has been linked to Zodiac. Dan Cooper as He called Himself, press in their haste to publish the story first dubbed Hom D.B incorrectly, has been suspected as being Zodiac because it seems for some reason, some seem to think anyway, if you commit a serious crime and are never apprehended for it then you have to be Zodiac! Why? Well cause no body else's on the planet can commit criminal acts and not get caught...except for San Francisco's infamous Son, the Zodiac.

The Original Night Stalker? Zodiac!

East Area Rapist? Zodiac!

Black Dalahia homicide? Zodiac!

Any unsolved homicide in California 1960 - 2000? Zodiac!

1888 White Chapel Murderer aka JTR? Zodiac!

Ok The Jack the Ripper example is an exaggeration and Zodiac hasn't been implicated as responsible for the 1888 London Homicides....yet.

"I have a theory that Jack the Ripper continued killing over the pond in America under new Ident, Zodiac! Zodiac was described as White Male, 5 '10 tall, stocky build & approx. Age of 135 to 145 with a crew cut.

But serious though, the cases of EAR and Zodiac couldn't have more differing MO's if you tried to get two more opposing types.

East area Rapist: Enters residential properties, carries out prolonged and sustained sexual assault on Female victim and often remains in home post attack helping himself to contents in fridge before taking a seat at table to have a bite. Thus EAR has MO of Break & Enter homes, with His motive being sexual assault /Rape.

Zodiac. MO is lovers lane opportunistic and seeming random killing by shooting victims male and female and leaving scene immediately then goading authorities with taunting letters to the editor. Z MO is random attack of couples in Lvrs Lanes, His motive is Homicide.

The two cases: EAR Ying, San Fran Z Yang. No similarities in any way at all whatsoever and this must obviously mean.... EAR & Zodiac = same suspect responsible for both because neither got caught do, ermmm, case closed .... Ish!

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