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Lake Herman drug bust

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Post by Rocketman February 18th 2017, 11:17 pm

WelshChappie wrote:Dee was said to be 'friendly' with more than one cop and that itself may be dangerous not just because criminal outsiders may wonder what she is telling them but She has also got to worry about that cop who is bent.

If Dee is informing on person or persons unknown for their criminal activities and the cop she's giving the information to is in bed with that element of criminality She is giving information on then Dee has signed her own death warrant.

Between that and the fact that Darlene slept around quite a bit, I would feel comfortable saying that she knew her killer and one or both of those reasons is probably the reason she was murdered. The killer probably wasn't all that concerned with Mike Mageau, it was wrong place wrong time for him I think but the killer wanted to make sure Darlene was dead, that was the objective that night.

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