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Where was Peda?

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Where was Peda? Empty Where was Peda?

Post by TangerineDream February 20th 2019, 5:52 pm

Does anyone know exactly where Peda and Pelissetti were located when they got the dispatch about the Stine cab robbery? (Yes, I know it later turned out to be murder.) The exact location doesn't seem to be in Pelissetti's report.

Does anyone know what Peda did at the scene? It doesn't seem to be in Pelissetti's report.

Are there any photos of Peda at the crime scene? Any photos of Peda, period?

Has anyone else considered the possibility that Peda was never there?

Does anyone know when Pelissetti was promoted to Inspector (aka Detective) rank?

Has anyone other than Pelissetti/Peda, Fouke/Zelms verified the NMA dispatch?


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