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Zodiac Ciphers Solved

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Zodiac Ciphers Solved Empty Zodiac Ciphers Solved

Post by Eldorado February 9th 2020, 6:44 pm

To all the Zodiac Cipher mystery fans the wait is over.

Here is a small video that I put together to show the breaks in the Z340

I am going to make a few posts about the rest of the ciphers in the series here in this thread

The Enigma Team Parody is so have to see that one as well.

So many clues that the Enigma Team release in the commentary.

Here's how the Z340 is broken in steps

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Z340_c12

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Z340_k12

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Z340_k13

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Z340_s11

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Z340_b11

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Z340_c13

Then the Star Maps are used according to an overlay on the Phillips 66 Map to plot the center of the compass set to Magnetic North. This serves as the focal point and the subsequent letters all embedded some sort of "button" inside the letter, where the larger Zodiac Symbol would then show the length and the angle from the center of the map to the killing he was planning.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Map_ci11

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Zodiac14

When he left the area to go on the killing spree back to Vermont, he stopped in Reno to kill Donna Lass. Remember that she was living at the Monte Verde Apts (VT is the Green Mtn State) and she was a nurse that was also someone that was tied to tending to a person that they thought they could easily pin the crime on...the popular suspect Kane. This being a Satanic Cult theme throughout, there is no wonder that his name was used as a frame up, having Biblical meaning. He of course wasn't the killer, as whoever sent in the Peek Through The Pines Card, showed that they were familiar with Vermont Ski Resorts, and used them previously in the Z13 and Fairfield Letters, and here he was using a flyer from a location in Round Top Vermont.

The altered card showed Donna Lass on one side and the image of a map from the letters SF to Reno, where the hole was punched in the card, like a bus ticket would be punched. The 13 Hole Punch Card being used so many times that it would show he was a frequent traveler and that he would be seen in many places along his routes.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Pttp_d10

To alter a card so much to host images of a map and images of a face being slashed is one thing, but to have them rotated using "Around in the Snow" to hint at your location, is even more sadistic, as the rotated images speak about the Kennedy Assassination. A boxcar and a ghoulish shadow figure behind it, the words Quick Arrest, and the other parts like the Bullet Hole, and swirling path cutting through the card, with the title of the card reading SOUGHT VICTIM 12 but when turned over it reads IM THE CIA IN YA NOSE. You can see the different images clearly when you rotate the cards.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Pttp10

There are also other images that you should take notice of.....the suit and tie....the mottos used...and the recognition of other people that are also using them. This is where they got these logos from, to craft Anonymous, Assange's little Cult of "The Light" coming into the picture after the Amerithrax Letters were released.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Wikile10

This got him in BIG TROUBLE recently being tied into this group.....their rally cry and motto is one from a long line of corruption and killings used to mask their affairs behind. He has been held indefinitely due partly due to a report that I made that saw him removed from his asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. He was setting up a huge affair that was masking some of their most recent operations under something called Project Architeuthis. These are advanced operations that also map out their encoded locations and work online with a series of recruited agents that are acting under the direction of a cabal of their operatives from israeli and US alliances with the UK, French, and German Intelligence Agencies.

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Zodiac Ciphers Solved Empty Re: Zodiac Ciphers Solved

Post by Eldorado February 9th 2020, 6:52 pm

And here is another one that I made to show how to Crack Kryptos and solve the mystery of that puzzle.  It highlights the numerous links to the Zodiac and shows the transition from those ciphers to the Scorpion Ciphers.

This also acts as a mapping point for the continual use of these ciphers in the same way, laying out a pattern on the ground in an array all reflecting around one central point and series of unknown or hidden messages, notes, graffiti, and tons of other clues in the way it is established by the Agency.

It's results of Layer Two show one of the first lines is signed "Ol Wing Walcar"

The bunker parody rant from the Enigma Team is even funnier

When Kryptos' Layer Two was solved, I was able to see that the entire puzzle at Langley was molded the exact same way as their previous ciphers in the Zodiac in so many ways.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Green_10

There was a likeness in the art pieces and their locations, as it was said to be used to deliver a "Sense of Place".... as in it was directing someone to a location through the artistic spin on the elements of that art installation, including the raw positioning of the objects on a map.  The Quarry Stone with the Green Blob being from Vermont, and the Compass Stone map showing the mapping of something in stone, just like the compass was laid in San Francisco, with the cutout of Bootes in the rock face segments with the mapping showing locations of the two agents in New Mexico and Burlington.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Compas10 

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Frontc10

The artist recently released the "Last Clue" showing the word NORTHEAST is included.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Krypto11

The letter Z shaped slant on the Vigenere with the bottom right corner saying "ABRRKKKCYD" pointing at a Cold KKK City....BRRRlington.

Then there was the composition of the columnar layout to find the methods of configuration of the final segment of Ciphertext and how its placed into a 14 Letter grid....this matching perfectly leaving one letter at the end. The Z340 being separated into two segments of text and then being reconfined as well, with one letter missing.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Krypto13

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Krypto12

The ciphertext finished off with the phrase "Ol Wing Walcar"

The entire thing masking some trait of the Zodiac Ciphers.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Wtc_en11

These were even predicting the 9/11 events showing the phrase END WTC

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Zodiac Ciphers Solved Empty Re: Zodiac Ciphers Solved

Post by Eldorado February 9th 2020, 8:48 pm

The main ciphers are pretty much consistently cracked using the Z340 Template to play off of giving you the chance to solve the Z13 My Name Is Cipher

In the first sections he asked them if they had cracked the cipher he sent them and that it was the same as the others.

So seeing the improper use of language as a sign that there was a switcheroo of words I was able to crack the key phrase, taking HERCULES and making HER CLUES

Then the My Name Is ____ section came into play again hinting at a fill in the blank, so I continued the phrase logically based on the previous Israeli themed BAT ECHAD TO PIE. THE RF WILL BE MORSE.  These were all tied to plans in the ciphers that were the info behind their killings...Operation Bayonet, Operation Wrath of God, and Operation Spring of Youth.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Bates_11

This cipher was meant to be a continuation of that theme so seeing the Israeli Operation Wrath of God as a sign I entered the letters to fit... HER CLUE WRATH OF GOD

This clue was the key phrase....which was their rallying cheer in a later operation that saw the use of letters in the killings of people on their "Little List" of Palestinians. They killed a suspected terrorist, sending a letter to their family the same day that they murdered them, signed WE DONT FORGIVE WE DONT FORGET. So seeing this later on matching the look and feel of the ciphers and their reasoning, I took it all as an attack on the US Citizens from another country's operatives that were fomenting hate and spite for the US for supporting the peace agreements and not siding with their takeovers.  These murders were seen throughout Europe and were even tied into the 1972 Munich Olympics.  The man who was the ringleader of that operation was said to have used the words Ooh La La a bunch to other Vendors in the Olympic Park, which was also a phrase from the Z340 seen in plaintext in the body on the right center of the Ciphertext. He was wearing Blackface and a costume of Jaques Clouseau's trenchcoat and hat.

Seeing this all unfolding was somewhat exciting because I saw the reasoning behind their entire series of attacks leading up to the Amerithrax Letters that I had already decoded.

Here are two movie pilots from that series called The Orange Theory

I identified more of their ciphers and threats to the US and others leaving a Genetic Strand of Candida Albicans encoded in the moniker Z from the Bates Letters as a clue.  Now it's clear why Leahy being in Vermont was able to "intercept" one of the letters while the others all got sent theirs.  They were setting the stage to play victim and hide behind the veil of a "foreign attack" while they were both tied to this affair in the past, keeping quiet about the Israelis that were navigating these affairs from their head of operations at the Mossad. They had help and the people in Vermont are so shocked to see them all playing their roles instead of investigating these cases more thoroughly. Leahy just made a statement and did nothing when a man was accused from the US's bioweapon defense agency, and then when Ivins was later accused, he said nothing, as the US had already occupied the other countries on their list of favors that they were doing for their upcoming agreements with the building of a pipeline through their territories.  These being politicians with the greatest amount of pull and they do nothing about it.

So it shows that they know a lot more than they are telling people and feeding them a lie to cover up their previous associations that put them into positions of power to control investigations.

Even Leahy ignored the inquiry into the case of the Amerithrax and has instead chosen to participate with sham trials like that of Brett Kavannaugh, asking the crowd, "Who is Bart Kavannaugh?" in one of his classic moves.

Leahy's not the only one that has cameos in Batman, Sanders has his as well.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Bernie12

These men are complicit in covering up their participation with this case that saw the death of at least 30 Kids, that were abandoned and kidnapped from an Orphanage in Burlington, and later they tried to ignore the affairs of the Catholic Diocese while in office and said nothing during their investigations, while later trying to negotiate their own loans to buy their huge piece of waterfront property, all so that Jane Sanders could manage a new school expansion development fund through the acquisition of that property. She later bankrupted the college so she could sell it to the local Beer Distribution Company that is moving into take control over the area and develop apartments on the grounds of the killings and molestations, all so that Sanders can erase that location from his city record.  This place is where he personally spoke about abducting and killing them in the 13 Hole Punch Card and later when he tallied the score at 30+.

Here the combination of the Z13 Ciphertext with the Vigenere Tableau of the Z340 is used to locate a centerpoint and four vector points in quadrants.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Z13_ci10

This sets up the map that is found encrypted in the Fairfield Letter that clearly speaks about Vermont.

The cipher then lists WRJ as the center.  Then it moves to the corners with JW NAM for Jewel Hill and uses OKEMO as the other corner, but leaves out one with a 6 letter symbol included.  That leads to the Sanders Road Quarry at Rock of Ages

Zodiac Ciphers Solved 13_hol10

Taking the cipher a second time and using a stitching method, I derive a message about the location.  Adding the 13 Hole Punch Card there you see the images matching up, with the ciphers then describing the area that they were mentioning in the details in the card.  This being the phrases "The Pace Isn't Any Slower, It's Just One Big Thirteenth" matching the 13 in the road map in the rock piles, and then the statement "Some Of Them Fought, It Was Terrible" speaking about the kids he killed.

This was their cult ritual and Masonic killing site. Bernie also has his office in the Masonic Temple in Vermont, one of the largest and mentioned in Kryptos as well.

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Rock_o10

Zodiac Ciphers Solved Krypto10


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Zodiac Ciphers Solved Empty Re: Zodiac Ciphers Solved

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