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Napa Sheriff's dept new evidence!

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Napa Sheriff's dept new evidence! Empty Napa Sheriff's dept new evidence!

Post by sandy betts February 10th 2020, 9:12 am

Myself and Phil Powers received a phone call from Napa Sheriff's dept. I wasn't going to mention the call , because I felt it could harm the investigation, but Phil Powers posted it right away. It is true that Napa has been working on the Zodiac case and has some new evidence that may or maynot solve the case. I have my own ideas about what they are looking at and it's a Napa Suspect that no one has head of other than a few people in my Z group who meet at Lake Berryessa on the Sept 27th anniversary each yr. I met the person who told us last Sept. that he had spoken to Napa and they seemed interested in his suspect who was born in 1927 and died in Napa in 1996. He was living in southern Ca for the Domingos/ Edwards case, then moved to Vallejo and then Napa. He also owned a 22 and 9 mil. I am not the Zodiac even though I lived in southern Ca in the early 60's, lived in Napa and worked in Vallejo 1968 and 69 , I also owned a 22 and 9 mil. Thank goodness I am a female or I would be a very good suspect!

The accuser asked us if anyone could investigate his suspect to find where the suspects son's were , to get their DNA to compare to Zodiac? I offered to do that as well as Tommy T. The investigator who called me told me to watch the TV for a news break that should be coming soon. I was excited at first, then I remembered about the suspect they were interested in. The detective who called ,said that if what they have fell through, he would be calling me back to talk about the evidence I have. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for his call back, because I know what they think they have will sadly fall through.

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