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Good morning! I’m new!

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Good morning! I’m new! Empty Good morning! I’m new!

Post by Stoddard February 2nd 2021, 5:47 am

Hi, I’m Sally Odegaard, AKA Shari Stoddard. Thanks for allowing me to join. I’m the step daughter of Dale Stoddard. He was hired to kill William Thoresen’s III brother Richard. It’s said William then murdered him with a hammer. He never did turn up, no one heard from him again. Until two years ago I was told he was my father until a dna test said otherwise. But indeed he is my brothers father. To be honest until tonight I’d never seen a picture of him. Nor did I know Thoresen was a suspect in zodiac murders. I’m sure it’s been observed by people smarter than I but I’d like to point out F Lee Bailey, whom the zodiac killer asked to be interviewed by (?) was a former attorney for Thoresen! Coincidence?


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Good morning! I’m new! Empty Re: Good morning! I’m new!

Post by ophion1031 March 4th 2021, 2:26 am

Hi. I am sorry to tell you that this site is no longer being used. We have moved to the following location:

Thank you for posting and I hope you will join the new site.

Thoresen also had a connection to attorney Melvin Belli, oddly enough. I don't consider Thoresen to be a Zodiac suspect, but he was definitely a psychopath. My apologies about your step-father. Do you have any inside knowledge of the Richard Thoresen murder?

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