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Thoresen & F Lee Bailey.

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Thoresen & F Lee Bailey.  Empty Thoresen & F Lee Bailey.

Post by Stoddard February 2nd 2021, 5:57 am

I’m Shari Stoddard. I’m sorry if I’m lagging behind but I am new here, the only reason that I stumbled across your page is because Dale Lewis Stoddard was married to my mother he is my stepfather. He was a friend of William Thoresen III and was hired to murder Richard Thoresen. I didn’t realize that’s Thoresen was a suspect in the zodiac murders. I’d like to point out that F. Lee Bailey was Thoresens attorney at one point. And I believe I read here somewhere that the zodiac killer asked specifically to be interviewed by F Lee Bailey. That is another connection besides him living in the same neighborhood as the Percy murder. Has that been brought up?


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