What If's are great to ponder. . .

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What If's are great to ponder. . . Empty What If's are great to ponder. . .

Post by WelshChappie on February 18th 2017, 7:00 am

I don't know if others do it too, but I have very often thought about the What If's of Pacific Heights Incident and not, as some May suspect, in regard to Don not nabbing the WMA,  either. 

 My 'What If?'. . .

 I often think about this scenario in the Hypothetical, but:  What If Paul hadn't died? What if the EMT's managed to Perform CPR successfully and Revive Paul on scene? This is something I often ponder. I know it may sound silly but, sometimes in My own thoughts I ask Hypothetically: "You know who He is Paul, Don't You?"

 I mean, if Stine did not know His Name or who He is, He sat with Him unmasked for 15 minutes at a minimum! Even if Paul couldn't tell us exactly who He is, He could at least fill in the details to everything from where He literally picked up Z, what section of cab He rode in (Up front or rear seats) and the topic of conversation en-route to W'ton & Cherry Intersects. 

 That alone would be a fascinating insight for Me. Zodiac's personality is clear in His letters, He comes across as arrogant, Confident, Sarcastic and Has a clear childish sense of Humor.  But that character is the character of an invention called 'Zodiac', He has a self assured and confident attitude and is arrogantly cocky while on Paper, but what about the actual Man behind the creation? I would be extremely surprised if He was half as arrogant and boastful in Himself in reality of everyday life. Eric Zelms Widow states Eric told Her the Man He and Don DID speak to was Calm, Collected and very softly spoken. Slover said The Man who called Her was soft spoken, with a monotone, and only raised His voice when Slover Interrupted Him to speak over Her. I don't think for one moment He, the actual true man behind the creation, would be half as confident and 'In your face' in reality as He seems to be when writing as 'Zodiac.'

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What If's are great to ponder. . . Empty Re: What If's are great to ponder. . .

Post by Rocketman on February 18th 2017, 10:34 pm

With how weird the entire case is and how many possibilities lie there with the Stine case alone, I think Stine would have given a description (if he was physically able to) and tell the story of what happened and what was said on the cab ride, but that something would still go wrong and no arrest would be made. I think you are right that Zodiac on paper and Zodiac in real life are probably not as similar as most would think. Zodiac was probably the man's persona of what he really wanted to be.

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What If's are great to ponder. . . Empty Re: What If's are great to ponder. . .

Post by Sick E. Von Brutal on February 19th 2017, 9:53 pm

even if paul was laid up in the hospital and gave a statement there is always that chance that his words would get twisted around. it seems like that is what happened with hartnell while he was in the hospital.
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What If's are great to ponder. . . Empty Re: What If's are great to ponder. . .

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