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Vince Repetto - No Response!

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Vince Repetto - No Response! Empty Vince Repetto - No Response!

Post by WelshChappie June 8th 2017, 2:21 am

One year ago to the very day, I sent Former SFPD Homicide Inspector Vince Repetto an email asking Him did He have any knowledge or information relating to The Xenophon Anthony Ident. and the witness referred to as 'Eight year old'.  Vince was A Homicide Inspector who took over and worked the Zodiac case in the early Nineties. My Question has been met with silence. No word today on Xen and how and why He came to be ID'd same as back when it took place.

Here's Vince at Paul Stine's crime scene location with Sandy Betts and several others talking about the Z case. He seems to confirm what has long been suspected that the second (amended) sketch of Zodiac was drawn up based on a sit down with Fouke AND Zelms which, if correct, tends to lend credibility to The two cops stopping and speaking to Zodiac and not, as Fouke wrote in His Memo, Eric may have been looking the other way at the time of passing suspect.

The Message I sent vince was:

"08/06/2016 03:04.
Hi Vince, hope you don't mind me contacting you but I recently viewed your video where you went to Washington and Cherry to commemorate the senseless murder of Cab Driver Paul Stine by Zodiac. I was just wanting to ask did you know why a witness Identified Xenophon Anthony, resident of Jackson St, as the man who had murdered Paul?   Thanks, Alex."

As of 365 days after asking, no response has yet been received.


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