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Thoresen the mental patient

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Thoresen the mental patient Empty Thoresen the mental patient

Post by ophion1031 July 6th 2015, 1:38 am

William Thoresen spent a little time in metal institutions. I will have to find all of my notes before I post any details, but he hated these places and would run from them every chance he got. He was being transferred from one facility to another in Illinois and asked if they could stop so that he could call Louise (this was before they were married), and he ended up escaping.

In the late 60's, Louise kept trying to get William to get help, but William was afraid to. He told Louise that he had hired a man to kill his brother, Richard, and had then killed the gunman himself. William was afraid that this might come out if he went into therapy and he couldn't risk it.

Thoresen the mental patient Bill2_zpszhw5mc65

When William was in jail in Maine, his father agreed to bail him out as long as William checked into a mental institute upon their return to Chicago. William refused and became angry with his father. His father still bailed him out.

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Thoresen the mental patient Empty Re: Thoresen the mental patient

Post by Stoddard February 2nd 2021, 11:04 am

Does anybody have pictures of Dale Lewis Stoddard?


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