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Cold case timeline in the US

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Cold case timeline in the US Empty Cold case timeline in the US

Post by ophion1031 February 6th 2018, 2:41 am

I am going to make a list (in order by date) of some of the cold cases I can find in the US between 1947 (Black Dahlia) until probably about 1990-ish. The list will include names of the victims, locations, other details/brief description of the crimes etc.

Jan. 14 or 15, 1947: Elizabeth Short aka "the Black Dahlia." Murdered in Los Angeles, CA.
Dec. 28, 1956: Barbara and Patricia Grimes. Disappeared after going to a movie. Jan. 22, 1957 their naked bodies were found off a road near Willow Springs, Illinois.
Feb. 25, 1957: "The boy in the box." Unidentified young boy's body found in a box in Philadelphia, PA.
Sept. 18, 1966: Valerie Percy (age 21). Stabbed and beaten to death in her Kenilworth, Illinois home.
July 22, 1968: Robinson family. All six members of the family were found shot in the head in their Good Hart, MI.
Nov. 28, 1969: Betsy Aardsma (age 22). Murdered in the Pattee Library at the Penn State University in University Park, PA.

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